Research Projects


Mixed Illumination Analysis in Single Image for Interactive Color Grading

S. Duchêne, Carlos Aliaga, Tania Pouli, Patrick Pérez




EG Talk - Capturing Editing and Rendering

S. Duchêne



Multi View Intrinsic Decomposition & Relighting 

S. Duchêne, C. Riant, G. Chaurasia, S. Popov, PY Laffont, J. Lopez-Moreno, A. Bousseau, G. Drettakis

ACM Trans. Graph. 2015. ( To be presented at SIGGRAPH 2016 - ANAHEIM) .



Depth synthesis and local warps for plausible image-based navigation

G. ChaurasiaS. Duchêne, O. Sorkine-Hornung, G. Drettakis ACM Trans. Graph. 32(3) (Presented at SIGGRAPH 2013)



View synthesis for stereo cinema 

Stereoscopic movie player with real-time content adaptation to the display geometry

S. Duchêne,M Lambers, F. Devernay IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, 82882Q-82882Q-8  

Adapting stereoscopic movies to the viewing conditions using depth-preserving and artifact-free novel view synthesis

F. DevernayS. Duchêne, A. Ramos-Peon IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging, 786302-786302-12

New view synthesis for stereo cinema by hybrid disparity remapping

F. Devernay, S. Duchêne Image Processing (ICIP), 2010 17th IEEE International Conference on, 5-8



Multi View De-Lighting & Re-Lighting

Thesis defended 28 April 2015 - You can read it here 😛 

Thesis Committee


Dr. Kartic Subr

Dr. Diego Gutierrez

Dr. Michael Goesele

Dr. Celine Loscos

Dr. Adrien Bousseau

Dr. George Drettakis